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If you are looking to start your fitness journey and transform your life
- you're at the right place! 
Join me and 
I will 
guarantee your fitness success if you commit to it. 

I aim to make each session unique and enjoyable for my clients, while keeping it challenging and understanding their individual needs in order to see fast results.

Don't talk, just ACT NOW!
Contact me now if you want to learn how to train, stretch and eat well to achieve your fitness goals!    


Personal Training offers clients the opportunity for one-on-one fitness guidance.

As your qualified Fitness Instructor, I will allocate my time not only to train you but also to listen to you and your needs. You will receive personalised instructions for strength and cardio training, nutritional advice, while incorporating different methods designed specifically to meet your own personal goals and requirements.


Increase the level of your motivation with the exclusive Group Fitness Classes. Not only will you benefit physically but also socially. Exercising in groups gives a wider variety of workouts making it more fun and also provides extra support to go through the struggles. Get your friends and get fit together! We offer customised fitness classes that focus on strength, toning, fat burning and improving overall fitness in a FUN atmosphere. 


Corporate Training is great for companies that are looking not only to boost the productivity of their employees but also to improve cohesiveness between the staff. Healthier and better performing team & reduced healthcare cost are some of the key benefits. From yoga and Zumba to strength training, our program is tailor made to your company's needs, budget and venue. 
Contact us now for more details! 



First Trial Session

1 Session                                                  $50

Single Training Session

1 Session                                                  $90


Personal Training Package A 
5 Sessions                                               $425           


Personal Training Package B 

10 Sessions + 1 FREE session               $800

Group Training/Bootcamps 

Minimum 4 pax.                                     

Please contact us for further details.


Corporate Training Program

Please contact us for further details.

Get started today - purchase your first session with Joanna and transform your lifestyle!

Tel: +65 97706014

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